Erasmus+ KA1

2017 - 2019: Differentiated teaching, Learning Difficulties and New Technologies in Education

The project "Differentiated teaching, Learning Difficulties and New Technologies in Education" aims to broaden the horizons of the school staff and to improve the teaching and learning process. Through this project the school community seeks to enhance intercultural and European awareness, as well as to broaden the network of contacts, aspiring new cooperation and synergies within the framework of European projects.

Teaching and management staff participate in European mobility and cooperation activities, focused on Differentiated teaching, Learning difficulties and New technologies in education, aimed to enhance school’s staff competences and strengthen their pedagogical level, as well exchange good practices with their colleagues from other countries

Knowledge, skills and experiences that will be gained by the participants in this mobility project, will be embedded in the daily school practice, bringing benefits to teachers, pupils and parents. It is expected to facilitate the teaching and learning process and to improve the interpersonal relationships of all involved in the educational process, contributing substantially to address problems in the classroom.

This project is expected to contribute to the school’s modernization and internationalization and to improve quality in the provided education.